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Professionally showcase your photos with Gallery Pro extension by MageHit

What do you expect from an extension? Its features? Its look? Or its price? I think the most important factor of an extension is the fact that it can effectively function and bring about the best results. In terms of managing your photos, the Gallery Pro extension for Magento is the best tool meeting all of your requirements of an excellent extension.

Created by MageHIt’s professional designers, this Magento gallery helps you manage your photo albums and specific photos. It also supports multiple album levels and multiple albums per a photo. Thanks to this useful tool, featured albums and photos are supported; besides, photo links also appear so that you can link a photo to a product or anywhere you like.

Besides, using magento gallery, you can easily order your albums and photos with a clean look and customize with separate HTML/CSS. The customization is easily done with the friendly backend management. In addition, this extension also supports photo thumbnail in the backend and optimize thumbnail to speed up site loading and allow changing the thumbnail size. Accordingly, your customers can view photo live show and integrate ColorBox. They can also comment and rate photos.

Additionally, with 100% open source, Gallery Pro is easy to install, use, update and customize with friendly and flexible configuration. As a result, on the front-end, customers can see album descriptions, photo thumbnails, full photos or view a slide show depending on the options they select. And on the back-end, it is easy and quick for admin to customize their albums by adding/removing photos and editing descriptions.

Finally, this amazing tool is sold at a very low price. Just come to visit our homepage to receive great supports from our staff and enjoy your profit with the wonderful extension – Gallery Pro.



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